@═╦╣╚╗ A mazing engineer 18-Jul-2020 Sidekiq/Active Job style guide The guide on how to painlessly work with Sidekiq and ActiveJob I've been working on for so long is out. It's based on: - Sidekiq's wiki - ActiveJob documentation - many background jobs related code reviews - known and rare pitfalls experienced in practice during past years The publication of this guide is a big achievement for me, the biggest on the open-source front I can think of. Hope you'll find it useful. As for me, if the company I've worked for had this guide before starting DelayedJob to Sidekiq migration, we could have avoided many major headaches. Some guidelines are unique in this guide, you won't find them in any other source. It's a common belief that ActiveJob is redundant when working with Sidekiq, and bare Sidekiq is preferable. It's hard to argue with that. Do not let the very first guidelines to repel you, glance over the rest of the guide. The guide covers both topics, even Sidekiq part prevails. Read between the lines and you'll realize the unknown unknowns there are in background job processing. Yet, still, background job processing keeps surprising as you dive deeper and deeper. I've barely mentioned monitoring, but it's an essential part. Think Tetris, but three-dimensional given an extra queue dimension. Feed your workers in an optimal way. Otherwise you'll experience saturation, lags, and perceived slowdown. The guide is not nearly complete. There's a ticket which I used as a todo list for future guidelines. You can help here, too. Pull requests, additions to the todo list and any feedback are kindly appreciated. Reddit thread.